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There are many reasons to book a flight with your own plane or helicopter. Wherever you go, whether you are 1 or 500 people, whether for business or pleasure, JespAir makes sure to get you there in a reliable way. With our specialist knowledge, we will find the right taxi flight for you.
Of course with the highest possible comfort and safety.

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Tailored convenience begins at JespAir

Through various tools and our wide network of contacts as well as experience in the aviation industry with both flight operations and administrative backgrounds, we are the right partner to help you find just the right aircraft or helicopter based on your expectations and visions. We are happy to guide you through the entire process so that it is easy and smooth. We have broader qualifications than many others, as we ourselves are pilots and also run airlines.

Everything from fast domestic flight solutions to long-haul flights worldwide is within the framework of JespAir’s platform.


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