What exactly are the benefits of traveling in a private plane?

  1. A flight tailored to you.

    Avoid cumbersome changes and lengthy check-in procedures. With our arrangements, you can often arrive at the airport and be on your way within 20 minutes.

  2. Changes

    Change of plans? New Times? Need to move on?
    The flexibility is fantastic. Give us a heads up and we’ll re-plan. Do you need to go 1 hour later? Get in touch and we will fix it!

  3. Private

    See it as if you buy an aircraft cabin and avoid being crowded with others than your own gang. Whether you are alone or with your family or management team is entirely up to you. Because you and your ev. company are the only passengers on the plane you have the opportunity to make the most of your trip. Work, rest or have a meeting. The choice is yours!

  4. Time is money

    Your time is valuable. We know that, and we will take care of it. With that, we adapt the trip to you, and your needs. Flying private planes is rarely seen as cheap, but the added value is also very many. A private jet often lands at a smaller airport. Then you have, as in e.g. Bromma, often its own arrival hall. This means that boarding, baggage handling and passport control go quickly, often in just a few minutes, which can otherwise take several hours at major airports such as Arlanda and Heathrow.

  5. Exclusive and luxurious

    We find an aircraft that meets your wishes for comfort. You get your own time with yourself, colleagues or family. If you want to eat and drink well, we will arrange an experience in the blue that you will soon forget.